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ps3usbjailbreak red dongle AT64 upgradable first 64KB onboard flash , CAN DOWNGRADE Reviews
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As good as Competition
This dongle is as good as the other more advertised companies out there. The simplicity of the software that this one offers is superior to the others I have found. They offer a programming tool for PC, Mac, and Linux which can be convenient for different computer users. It's updated very quickly as well, which I have noticed to be as soon as the day after a payload has been released. The price on this site is way cheaper than the competition, and shipping is fast when considering that its shipped from China to the US. I received my dongle in about a week and a half, although the outer casing was damaged but that can be expected from such a long distance that it had traveled. I am buying another as I write this review.
Show: All Reviews Only Positive Only Negative
Found: 1
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